Weekly Inputs #3

Need a summer night commute for this but… so so good mix from pals.

Does anyone else remember this series from the 80s? Loved/was terrified by the gooey aliens decomposing in season 1 but almost forgot how apocalyptic and technoir goth the second season got. Huge imprints.

Useful archonic analysis of late:

The Haunted Mansion of Freedom – Rhyd Wildermuth

follow up The Fog of War

further thoughts Caught Between Failing Empires

Weekly (Monthly) inputs #1

Well, the weekly edition dropped off because, well, job hunting and parenting and anxiety and life. We’re headed towards the end of the month as I continue to try and carve out a routine for this site. So, let’s call this a January roundup for the first attempt. Will try to stick to weekly posts from here on.

Some reflections on magical practice from Phil Hine

Peacocks in flight

Some good words in this Jason Miller blog post

David Toop on longform sound, time and ceremony

Frater Acher on bringing form to spirit

Manuel Orazi – (Magic Calendar) Mil DCCCXCVI, 1895

A fascinating local map of recognized historical locations in my city

On Ahriman and Cyprian via Reverend Janglebones

Dr LX of The Orb in the mix to soothe what ails you.