I was watching an episode of the tenth Doctor (“The Last of the Time Lords”) which featured, of all things, a giant military airship which, obviously then reminded me of the smiliar craft featured in the Marvel Avengers film. Release date of the Dcotor Who episode is 2007 and The Avengers was 2012.

This sticks in my mind with regard to the reports of massive objects in contemporary UFO literature. There’s a couple Richard Dolan videos I keep meaning to watch about enormous UFO sightings.

Side note, someone I’m no longer in touch with once shared a story about being out in Manitoba and watching the stars just get blotted out by a massive silent object.

Just, an intriguing line of ufological/military tech speculation.

What if there are massive objects up there right now?

Also, confession: I want to go out UFO-gazing with military grade night vision binoculars.