Weekly Inputs #3

Need a summer night commute for this but… so so good mix from pals.

Does anyone else remember this series from the 80s? Loved/was terrified by the gooey aliens decomposing in season 1 but almost forgot how apocalyptic and technoir goth the second season got. Huge imprints.

Useful archonic analysis of late:

The Haunted Mansion of Freedom – Rhyd Wildermuth

follow up The Fog of War

further thoughts Caught Between Failing Empires

This world such as it is

We could be providing for all, rewilding, re-enchanting and regenerating the world in full luxury communism but we get plagues, supply chain disruptions, absurd narratives and insane war postures engineered by and/or leveraged in favour of a privileged few.

The praxis of it all being to somehow find a way to live the former even as the latter collapses into both its own contradictions and into an absurd and ever stretching longevity.

When asked about the state of the States…

I’m just, not, with the minutiae of spectacular and distracting US domestic politics of late. If at this point you are STILL unable to identify, at minimum, the leadership of both major parties and every administration over the last two decades as representatives of the worst iterations of brutal capitalism and bloody empire then I don’t know what I can tell you.

Maybe enjoy another musical number about democracy, a crappy New Yorker cartoon that makes you glad Trump is gone even if his policies went nowhere (yay?), while more kids than ever get deported, you get sick or evicted with no help while having institutions point accusatory fingers at you for not doing enough, or get conscripted in another year or two to fight in Crimea or Taiwan.